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MLB – 1984 – Unofficial Baseball Handbook Special – Ball Players Today Will Sell Dang Near Anything


After posting several Unofficial Baseball Handbook videos….I finally have learned the first names of the two guys that hosted the original….Jeff and Sean….but I still don’t know their last names…. however, I still love their work….and especially their sense of humor in looking at the game of baseball.  In this video they delve into how ball players have become “marketing monkies”….who will sell dang near anything…. as evidenced by this video herewith…..for athletes touting products really didn’t hit full stride until the mid-1970’s….and since the predominance of our vintage video library here at ImaSportsphile are from the 1970’s and 1980’s…..we have literally tons of commercials in our TV Ads Section that have well known athletes touting everything from auto parts to burgers to batteries to cereals to pizzas to tacos to vacuum cleaners and all things in between…..and this video so aptly evidences this fact…..with a healthy dose of humor sprinkled throughout.


  1. SSean is Sean Mooney, who went on to work for the WWF in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Left wrestling and became a sports reporter/anchor. Has a wrestling podcast now if I believe.

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