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MLB – 1984 – Unofficial Baseball Handbook – Who Ya Gonna Call When Stuck In A Wave – Wave Busters


Sean, the host of the Unofficial Baseball Handbook is a master of the dry sense of humor….and this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile just loves it….for in my humble opinion….he hit the nail on the head with this video clip….cuz I agree with him….there a re too many times that I go to a game that I have to deal with The Stadium Wave….which is a goofy way of creating a human wave that rolls from one stadium section to the next….as fans at the stadium stand in succession after the previous section stood….and so on around the stadium creating a sense of a wave of people standing and raining their arms over their head…..and any way you cut the pie….to the fan who is interested in watching the game rather than paying attention to when they need to stand as the way passes by is more than irritating…..which means….. WHO YA GONNA CALL!?!…..WAVE BUSTERS!!!

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