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MLB – 1985 – Baseball Behind The Seams Special – Critics Are The Beloved Enemies – With Kirk Douglas

In 1985, WTBS aired a weekly baseball television special call Baseball Behind The Seams….which was hosted by actor Kirk Douglas….who really loved baseball….and in this episode, Spartacus explores the relationship between the ballplayer and the journalist….with lots of focus on the “interview”…..as this is as much a part of baseball as what goes on in the fields of play.   

We actually have a sizable category titled “Interviews”…..in which liberally hundreds of interviews conducted at a multitude of events…..that provides sufficient evidence to the subject of the relationship between players and journalists…..coupled with their interviews.   

Since legendary media-mogul and sportsman Ted Turner owned WTBS…..along with MLB’s Atlanta Braves franchise…..which Captain Planet aired each and every Braves game….at home and on the road…..which filled up a great deal of his airtime available on WTBS…..so, the media-mogul was smart enough to “kill two birds with one stone”……as he built a huge Braves fan base…..and a popular part of what made WTBS, TBS, TNT, TNN, CNN et al what they are today.


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