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MLB – 1985 – Special – Player Interviews Regarding Potential Strike + Scores & Highlight – With Bill Macatee

NBC’s Bill Macatee provides a rundown of the scores and highlights from the slate of MLB games on this particular night during the 1985 season….and then conducts a series of interviews with current players regarding the potential strike that is looming during the 1985 season…..which is really quite interesting to hear the opinions about the possibility of a strike from the player’s perspective. 

The 1985 Major League Baseball strike was the fifth work stoppage in Major League Baseball since the  1972 Major League Baseball strike. The strike ran only two days from August 6 and 7…..as the 23 of the 25 games which were scheduled for those days were made up later in the season…..so the 1985 MLB strike, really wasn’t much of a strike…..as the two sides of players vs. owners came together really fast to avert any real stoppage.

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