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MLB – 1986 – Don Drysdale Interviews US Vice Pres George H Bush On Meeting Babe Ruth In 1941 At Yale


Hall of Fame Dodger Pitcher “Don Big D” Drysdale interviews U S Vice President George H Bush in this video herewith…..and Big D introduces George H as a member of the Yale baseball team in 1941….when Babe Ruth paid a visit to Yale during the time when he was dying of cancer…..and Bush tells of getting to shake The Babe’s hand….and what is so very cool about this video….is that you can see the “twinkle” in the the Vice President eyes…as the future 41st President of the United States of America says “I can remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday”

There are many purposes for taking the time to posts awesome videos like this….as we are rapidly approaching 2800 with this post today….and in one short minute….George Herbert Walke Bush summed up the beauty of sports in one sentence….“I can remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday” ….for  that can be said for so many moments that have been etched into sports fans memories…..which just gives more documentation to why the world needs ImaSportsphile…..to not just remember those moments….but to relive them again. 

In other videos of George H W Bush that we have here in our library….I have written about our Bone Daddy playing little league baseball with both George H W and George W Bush….and he just smiles every time he sees this video….cuz he knows that the Bush Boys love baseball….just watch this video over again and look in his eyes as he tells the story of The Babe.

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