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MLB – Pictorial Collage Video – 1986 – NBC Sports MLB Special – “The World Series From 1903 To 1985” – Pictorial Collage Of The Entire World Series

Every now and then….an absolutely incredible video rolls up to be posted….one of those that is riveting and totally enjoyable to watch….and this video seen herewith is one of those times….as NBC Sports provides this rare treasure via host Bob Costas prior to Game 4 of the 1986 MLB World Series between the Boston Red Sox verses the New York Mets….as he introduces a pictorial collage of photos from 82 years of MLB World Series photos from 1903 through 1985….which is accompanied by a “machine gun” like percussion performance that delivers the “photo show” with the kind of intensity deserving of the hundreds of pictures that appear in this two minute video. 

If you are a baseball fan….there is absolutely no way that you can watch this video just one time….kinda like a Lay’s Potato Chip….you can’t eat just one….cuz one’s to many and a 100’s not enough….for this one is well worth the price of admission….and you’ll probably never see it any where else. 

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