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MLB – 1987 – Special – The Cocky Arrogant Mets That Everyone Is Gunning For In The 1987 Season

The New York Mets’ 1987 season was the 26th regular season for the Mets. They went 92-70 and finished 2nd in the NL East. They were managed by Davey Johnson. The team played home games at Shea Stadium. 

The Mets were coming off a World Series Championship over the Boston Red Sox…..and were a team that virtually every MLB team was gunning for…..especially in the National League….mainly because the Mets player had a team case of that “New York arrogance attitude”…..where they felt like they were just a bit better than those other teams in their league…..as this video seen herewith so aptly points out. 

During the preseason coming into the 1987 MLB campaign…..various changes and transactions happened to the Mets roster as follows:

November 12, 1986….SS Ron Gardenhire was traded by the Mets to the Minnesota Twins for a player to be named later. 

December 9, 1986….Heathcliff Slocumb was drafted from the Mets by the  Chicago Cubs in the 1986 minor league draft. 

December 11, 1986…. Kevin MitchellStan JeffersonShawn Abner, Kevin Armstrong and Kevin Brown were traded by the Mets to the San Diego Padres for Kevin McReynoldsGene Walter and Adam Ging. 

December 17, 1986….Doug Gwosdz was traded by the Mets to the Seattle Mariners for Ricky Nelson.

February 9, 1987….Clint Hurdle was signed as a free agent by the Mets.

March 27, 1987….Ed Hearn, Rick Anderson, and Mauro Gozzo were traded by the Mets to the Kansas City Royals for David Cone and Chris Jelic.  

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