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MLB – 1988 – Bob Costas Interviews Mickey Mantle On His Opinion Of Honorary All Stars On A Roster


In this video herewith…..NBC’s Bob Costas interviews a living legend, Mickey Mantle, at the 1988 MLB All Star Game…..in which Costas asks The Mick what his opinion was about having “honorary selections” named to the All Star teams….guys that were super greats of the game in the “twilights” of their careers…..who were still a big draw and fan favorites. 

You will just love Mantle’s answer….as the humble West Texan (most folks don’t know that the part of the State of Oklahoma where The Mick is from, is really an extension of West Texas)….as the straight forward humility of the folks that come from that part of country is something to behold…..cuz the truth be known, Mickey Mantle is on a short list with the “most super” of all superstars in the history of sports….yet, he was as down to Earth and straight forward as they come….with honesty and humility just oozing out…..and a player that would do what it took to beat you….even if that meant a drag bunt.

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