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L E’s Stories – The Cosmic Convergence Of The West Texas Oil Business And Baseball


For a lil old chiweenie dog…thoughts about “cosmic convergence things” are a bit too deep…..but in a funny sort of way, I kind of understand. As time goes by, you will see that my stories of BD’s collection will document a wonderful indomitable attitude which was spawned by the folks that were brought up and influenced by what was happening in the “oil business” in West Texas. Heck, just from folks who played/coached in the 1957 Midland Central Little League were all major success stories. All of these men today in the 2018’s were boys who loved playing baseball in the summer of 1957.   

We dogs out in West Texas have an old saying “It must be in the water”….when attempting to explain why something that is a fact just happens….which very well could be true. The fact is that there is very little water in West Texas….which sorta explains why it is so rare. And that is how explaining why the traits of success were learned so well under West Texas skies in the mid-50’s….with the help of cattle, oil, cotton and baseball being major contributors….and I forgot….and the water, of course….cuz it’s just in the water.                                                                       

Listening to all of those stories from Bone Daddy’s youth over the years has taught me another valuable lesson…which I pass on to all HUMANS and dogs….especially the young puppies I mentor even today. If you remember nothing else from this story…remember this…It is just as easy to love a rich HUMAN as it is to love a poor HUMAN”. You always want to be sure that you make an especially good impression with those HUMANS that have the cash. For my tastes, those would be the ones that I’d make sure that I didn’t bite…..I mean treat these folks extra well….even become a close friend if you have the opportunity to do so…..cuz as life goes on….it’s not what you know that counts….it’s who you know….that really matters when it counts.  But when you’re a dog like me….who has spent her entire 118 years developing a very joyful and comfortable life which makes me tend to approach things on the bitchy side. This opinion comes from having a HUMAN like Bone Daddy as my life’s companion….cuz then you can dang near bite anyone and/or all of the HUMANS that come around you……not hard bites of course….just a good nip to get their attention….cuz only a few really deserve one of those bites that actually brings blood….you know….just to make sure that each of you HUMANS knows who the boss is around here.  However, never bite the hand that feeds you. That my friends is what we call an original DOG PHILOSOPHY.                   

After observing HUMANS and their enthusiastic involvement in sports from a dog’s point of view….not just my HUMAN whose a Sportsphile….but from all those HUMANS that I have been around and seen in my life….especially from the sport of baseball….there comes a philosophical point of significance to my mind which deals with the SIMPLE PHILOSOPHIES OF LIFE that are taught by the Fathers, Dads, Moms, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Uncles. Aunts, Mentors and Coaches within the confines of “the diamond”. There are too many lessons to single out herewith….but suffice to say….the simple joys of playing baseball on a summer afternoon forged standards to live by for those who participated…..which carried forward throughout their lives….whether they ended up being Presidents of one of the world’s mega-power countries….a General of a well trained and equipped Army….a CEO of the 3rd largest brown and white paper producer in the world….a self made Billionaire who flies his own Gulfstream 4 jet airplane….a Producer and innovator of televised sports…..or a serious Sportsphile…..they all had the lessons that they learned playing Little League baseball some 60 years before….and it is firmly entrenched in their decision making process of today.     

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