MLB Special – Fenway Park – A Legend In Baseball


Although I am a tried and true Yankee fan….been one for all my life (118 dog years)….I do have to give credit where credit is due….and when it comes to Fenway Park….the home of the dastardly Boston Red Sox….I have to say, it is truly a legend in baseball…..I mean, can you say “The Green Moster”…..for there is no other outfield fence quite like the Big Green Shrek that resides out in left field at Fenway.  After all, Fenway Park is the 1st American Stadium to surpass 100 years of operation….and it is still going.  Like the nooks and crannies that are common with this unique ballpark that was built to fit the space of Fenway….rather than build the space to fit Fenway Park….it is my true wish that the Red Sox continue to play at Fenway for the next 100 years.  This video, hosted by Robert Conrad of Wild Wild West television fame, provides a wonderful inside look at the history of Fenway Park….which will provide any Red Sox fan with warm fuzzies all over.

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