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Movie – 1980 – The Blues Brothers – Last 10 Minutes + Credits


When it comes to videos like this one…..which is the last 10 minutes of the original movie “The Blues Brothers”….which just happens to be 10 minutes of some of the funniest movie footage ever shot in the history of movies….requires that I answer all questions about why only the last 10 minutes on this tape? Where is the rest of the movie?….and all I can say is “that’s the way it is given to me for posting….cuz I wasn’t there when the video was recorded”……and  as to where’s the rest?….I can only say that “my guess is it is in the 7700 vintage video that we still have to post on this site”….and then I tell folks to  bookmark our site and return often….cuz we post dang near every day. 

There is nothing in the world that heals quite like laughter…..and this video will definitely make you laugh, which is definitely the best medicine….and for all of us out there who just love The Blues…who also love comedy, especially physical comedy….well, we find this video to be the perfect combination of blues brothers and comedy.

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