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Music – 1920 To 1980 – Austin City Limits – Johnny Gimble + The Texas Swing Pioneers


If I ever want to just feel good….have my feet start tapping…..my “bomba” start swayin’ and swingin’….and before I know it….I’m dancing….I just put this video on and start listening to Johnny Gimble and The Texas Swing Pioneers”….cuz every time I listen to these fellas…..I end up feeling good. 

We at ImaSportsphile consider Johnny Gimble to be the “best of the best” when it came to being the fiddle player in the band…..and you can’t be a band in Texas….without have a fiddle in the band….cuz the fiddle can reach down into one’s very soul….and pull out some “butt rockin'” feelings….and Johnny could do it all….from swing to jazz.  What we love most about these guys is how much “stingeree” these old cats still have….as Gimble has put together some of the ALL TIME SWING GREATS….Zeke Campbell guitar, J R Chatwell vocals/piano, Eldon Chandler guitar, Smokey Montgomery banjo, Curly Hollingsworth piano, Deacon Anderson steel guitar, Kenny Frazier guitar, Cliff Bruner fiddle et al….all of whom at the point this Austin City Limits program was taped live….they had each been performing since the 1930’s and 1940’s….that’s a bunch of years folks…..and just look at how much fun these ole guys are having playing together… cuz these cats are not “spring chickens”.  

On this video, the world is fortunate to have the best twin fiddles ever….with Johnny Gimble and Cliff Bruner…..man, just listen to the harmony of their strings together on Jesse Polka…..like a match made in Heaven…..but my favorite is when they team up on Just Cuz You Think You’re So Pretty”…..cuz my Bond Daddy sings that to me all the time….especially the lines “just cuz you call me ole Santa Claus and spend all my money”. This video is “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportphile ….and for this lil ole me, it just makes me feel good….and kinda wish I had a dance partner for the next time I listen.  

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