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Music – 1947 – Bing Crosby + Bob Hope – Harmony – Song & Dance Routine In Movie Variety Girl

Back when Bone Daddy was growing up in West Texas…..there were many movie musicals with scores of popular songs…..as many of the were what we call “song and dance” music…..and Bob Hope and Bing Crosby did their fair share of “song and dance” music in the many movies that they made from the late 1930’s throughout the mid-1950’s…..as we at ImaSportsphile are more than delighted to have a significant number of these performances in our vintage library.   

In this video herewith, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby provide a wonderful “song and dance” routine to the song Harmony from their 1947 hit movie Variety Girl.  This particular excerpt from the film was recorded in 1987 from Bob Hope’s television special Road To Hollywood…..which was a program that traced Bob Hope’s movie career in Hollywood….as it provides a wonderful walk down memory lane….when “song and dance” was loved by all moviegoers…..and we are “tickled pink” to have it as another “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories.

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