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Music – 1947 – Bob Hope + Bing Crosby Et Al – Good Ole Harmony – Sung In Movie Variety Girl

We here at ImaSportsphile are conscious of just how much generosity the Baby Boomer Generation had in their very fiber…..for this generation was quite frankly one of the most charitable of all generations up to then….and since then.  We have often thought about how the Boomers were taught by their mothers and fathers based on “rules of life” that the Greatest Generation had to adhere too, based on being byproducts of The Great Depression in America….and when you factor in that the Greatest Generation also went to war when they were 18 years old…..for these folks were given a heavy dose of humility between the depression and the war…..and that is when they had the most empathy and sympathy for those less fortunate… which made them very charitable.   

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were extremely giving individuals….of their time and their money….I mean, can you imagine putting together a Christmas show for the US military troops for 31 years in a row….being away from home for 31 straight Christmas seasons….while lifting the spirits of so many soldiers stationed around the world….for the simple fact remains….. the Greatest Generation and theirs sons and daughters of the Baby Boomer Generation were emblaizoned with generous souls and kind hearts…..and we at ImaSportsphile are joyful to have this excerpt from the movie Variety Girl ….which was a charity movie where the stars donated their time and talents to make a film to benefit the Variety Clubs of America.

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