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Music – 1953 – Disney Animated Sing Along Song Special – Old McDonald Had A Band – With Professor Owl

From the day we started posting videos here on our ImaSportsphile site….to currently at 3,022 videos posted in February 2019….and although knowing we still have some 8,000 more video left to post….we can safely state that there are two “stars of our library” ….comedian Red Skelton and the Walt Disney Sing Along Song…..as the combined videos of these two, amount to 40% of the 7.5 million views these 3,022 have driven…..which adds up to over 3 million views. 

We said all of that to say this….as our response to the question of why these two entertainers out of all of the really famous well known athletes, artists, musicians, comedians, et al?!?  Well, it is simple to us….for the reason for such overwhelming popularity of our site is SIMPLE…..as both of these priceless video entertainers have SIMPLE content using “every day objects”…..like clean, home grown humor and animated flowers, birds and barnyard animals that sing. 

You see, it is our opinion here at ImaSportsphile that all living thing truly like SIMPLE.

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