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Music – 1953 – Disney Sing A Long Songs – Blue Danube Snore Wltz + Old McDonald + Scales & Arpeggios

As we begin to lay 2019 to rest here at ImaSportsphile…..we find we will end the year with a total of 5,000 videos having been posted on our site in the past four years…..which is quite an accomplishment by any standards from a 2 person and one dog staff.  It has been our true joy to post this library….for it has become sort of a video reference library for the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomer Generation….. which is something that wasn’t planned originally…..and the truth be known….of the 5,000 videos currently in the library….the two that have the most views, with both having millions of views….and lead the other 4998 videos significantly are Red Skelton and Disney Sing Along Songs…..as the 3rd place for most views falls a half-million behind these two….and who would have known that these two videos would be loved by so many….cuz this library is vast and detailed….with many achievements in sports, music, comedy, news, tv ads and tv specials covered quite well from the 1950’s through 19991.

Since we provide some text with each post….albeit commentary, background information, highlights of the events feature in the video, etc…..which requires considerable research….and that has allowed us to get to know and love many of the folks, events and special places featured within our library….and Walt Disney Sing Along Songs with Ludwig von Drake and Professor Owl definitely fit that bill with us….for the truth be known….we have grown to love each and every song to sing along library.   

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