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Music – 1977 – Disney Sing Along Songs – Fun With Music Ludwig Von Drake – Old McDonald Had A Band Et Al


At this point in March 2018….we’ve posted some 2300 vintage videos here at ImaSportsphile….and only a very few bring are “blue diamonds” in our treasure chest of memories….and this is one of them…..as it is simply pure joy….as it is interesting to me who writes all the text seen with each post….how the two most viewed videos, by far, in our entire library to date are Red Skelton’s Frogs Frogs Frogs video and Walt Disney’s Sing Along Songs video….as the two account for 2.5 million of the 5 million views of our current library posted…..and you know what!?!…..both of these videos are pure joy…..with nothing more needed….cuz they both make you feel good….and how could that be bad!?! 

The beauty of our video library here at ImaSportsphile is that it covers the Baby Boomer generation very dramatically…..for this was the generation of “sex, drugs and rock n roll”…..“peace and love”…. “hot dogs Chevrolet and baseball”…..“entrepreneurs and free enterprise”…..“proliferation of sports”…..a generation as a whole that was talented beyond compare…..with a work ethic like the world had never seen before.

The trouble with growth and popularity is that fame and fortune soon follows….and that is where the “law of diminishing returns” comes into play…..and it typically goes downhill from there…..however, within all beings on this Earth is the ability to remember things that made you feel good….and the athletes, artists, musicians, comedians, entertainers, broadcasters, newscasters et al of the baby boomer generation sure knew how to make you feel good.

If you don’t believe this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile…..it’s just dandy….but we still firmly believe there are many reasons to remember the past….plus these folks all deserve to be remembered for their incredible talents to provide pure joy and make you feel good….like this video herewith. ENJOY!!!!   

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