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Music – 1978 – Austin City Limits – Johnny Rodriquez + Willie Nelson – Jambalaya


The music of Jambalaya (On the Bayou) is a song written and recorded by American country music legendary singer / songwriter  Hank Williams….which was first released in July 1952…..and named for a Creole / Cajun dish by the same name, jambalaya….as a song that has spawned numerous cover versions and has since achieved popularity in several different music genres.  

Hank Williams, Sr. recorded the song on June 13, 1952 at Castle Studio in Nashville with backing provided by Jerry Rivers (fiddle), Don Helms (steel guitar), Chet Atkins (lead guitar), Chuck Wright (bass) and probably Ernie Newton (bass).  Interestingly enough….the recording Williams made differs significantly from the staple Cajun cuisine….as Williams kept a Louisiana theme….but the song is not a true cajun song….and that is precisely why it gained such widespread popularity.  Released in July 1952, it reached # 1 on the U.S. country charts for fourteen non-consecutive weeks…..as Williams performed “Jambalaya” at the Louisiana Hayride as part of his “homecoming” in fall of 1952….after being fired from the Grand Ole Opry. 

Over the years since 1952….Jambalaya has been covered by many musical artists….and none any better than this surprise duet by Johnny Rodriquez and Willie Nelson….and all we can say is ENJOY!!! 

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