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Music – 1978 – Austin City Limits – Johnny Rodriquez + Willie Nelson – Jambalaya


One of my all-time favorite Hank William, Sr. songs ever written and performed by many was Jambalaya….and this rendition on Austin City Limits by Johnny Rodriquez and Willie Nelson is at the top of my favorite performances of this classic song. In 1978, Willie was obviously in his “mountain man” persona ….cuz he sure didn’t look the part of the “outlaw country” singer/songwriter/performer that Willie Nelson, Wayland Jennings and Jerry Jeff Walker made nationally famous from in an around Austin (TX). 

Bone Daddy remembers these days in Austin’s culture as those leading up to the F Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby-like period of the decade of the 1980’s….which was a time when the party was always on, no matter what time of the day….and ….when the fashionable “powder of preference” was ever present….be it athlete, entertainer, muscian, educator, politician et al….it didn’t matter.  Bone Daddy having a popular sports bar with a full-service alcohol menu during the 1980’s opened his eyes to a world he had never seen before….which became the “fertile soil” that allowed the roots to take hold of a “seedling Sportsphile” stretching his arms to grow.over the next 17 years.  Simply put, you can never get enough of Willie Nelson….as every one of his many videos in our music library….is truly a “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories.  

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