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Music – 1978 – Johnny Gimble + The Bosque Bandits – The Pretty Palomino – Live On Stage At ACL

Old time fiddle is a genre of American folk and country music…..as “Old time fiddle tunes” derived from European folk dance tunes such as Jig, Reel, Breakdown, Schottische, Waltz, Two Step and Polka. The fiddle may be accompanied by banjo or other instruments but are nevertheless called “fiddle tunes”. The genre traces from the colonization of North America by immigrants from England, France, Germany,  Ireland, and Scotland….and it is separate and distinct from traditions which it has influenced….or which may in part have evolved from it….such as bluegrass, country blues, variants of western swing and country rock.

Starting in the 1920 some fiddlers….particularly younger ones like Aurtur Smith….were swept up in the new music, their style and repertoires reflected influences from blues, ragtime and Tin Pan Alley…..as anyone who wanted to make a career in music had to keep up with the times….but many, like John Salyer and Hiram Stamper cared little for the new music….and stayed with the old-time tunes. 

In this video herewith…..Johnny Gimble and the Bosque Bandits….perform an old time fiddle tune called The Pretty Palomino on stage live at Austin City Limits….which is well worth the price of admission to watch.

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