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Music – 1978 – Johnny Gimble + The Texas Swing Pioneers – Truck Drivers Blues – Played Live At ACL

Truck-driving Country is a subgenre of country and western music….which is characterised by lyrical content about trucks and truck drivers (truckers)….i.e. commercial vehicles, not pick-up trucks….and the trucking industry experience….which would include, for example, references to truck stops, CB (Citizens Band) radio, geography, drugs, teamsters, roads, weather, fuel, law enforcement, loads, traffic, ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission), contraband, DOT (Department of Transportation) and accidents, etc. In truck-driving country, references to “truck” ….which includes the following truck types of a 10 wheeler, straight truck, 18 wheeler, tractor (bobtail), semi, tractor-trailer, semi tractor trailer, big rig and some others…..which is often confused with road music….e.g. Willie Nelson “On the Road Again”….Roger Miller “King of the Road”….pick-up truck music like Toby Keith “Big Ole Truck”….and/or truck driving music. The last category would be the preferred choice of most truck drivers for eclectic listening while driving/operating all types, makes and styles of trucks.

Ted Daffan was an American country musician noted for composing the seminal “Truck Driver’s Blues”….which is performed in this video herewith by Johnny Gimble and The Texas Swing Pioneers on stage at Austin City Limits in 1979.

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