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Music – 1978 – Johnny Rodriquez + Willie Nelson – Jambalaya – Sung Live At Austin City Limits

The pride and joy of the Austin Music Scene rests in the heart and soul of “favorite son” Willie Nelson…. so, every piece of video that we have of Shotgun Willie is nothing but “Pure Gold” to us here at ImaSportsphile….for Willie has serenaded music lovers in Austin, Texas for the better part of 60+ years…. and when you went to a live Willie Nelson show or concert in and around Austin…..you were guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth….cuz Willie would continue to play as long as folks wanted to listen

Johnny Rodriguez is an American country music singer….who being of Latin American decent…..infused his country music with Latin sounds….while and even singing verses of songs in Spanish.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s….he was one of country music’s most successful male artists….having recording a string of hit songs….including “You Always Come Back to Hurting Me,” “Desperado,” “Down on the Rio Grande” and “Foolin’.” ….for he has recorded six # 1 country hits in his career….and in this video herewith….he sings Hank William’s great “coon-ass song” Jambalaya with his good friend Willie Nelson.


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