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Music – 1978 – Martin Mull – I Have Played Some Sh- -tholes Boy But This One Takes The Cake

Martin Mull is the funniest comedic songwriter/musician that we have in our incredible vintage music library that we have here at ImaSportsphile….as the fact remains that Mull has true  “comedic genius” in his very make-up…..and when you throw in an excessive amount of musical talent….which Mull has…..and you get some of the funniest music material ever published…. which is evidenced by this video herewith….in which Mull sings one of his own songs written from those parts of his “own mental framework” which goes beyond most songwriter’s concept….cuz “I’ve Played Some Shithole But This One Takes The Cake” is a perfect example of what we say about Martin Mull. 

We love Martin Mull here at ImaSportsphile….and simply cherish every piece of video footage that we have of his…..and each and every one….is simply unique and rare, not only in concept, but also content of humor at the highest order. Simply put, this is great stuff and well worth the price of admission.

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