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Music – 1978 – Special – The Unique Sounds Of Bongos And Yodeling


Andy Kaufman referred to himself as an entertainer and not a comedian….but this cat was funny….he just made you laugh….even when he was “dead serious”….as many of his “entertainment skits” were carried out through the use of music….like his singing the score of Oklahoma…..or his Elvis Presley imitations….even his singing in foreign tongues….but any way you cut the pie….the bongo and yodeling routine makes me laugh every time we watch it….and it is entertaining!!!   

It is interesting to those of us at ImaSportsphile responsible for writing these Dog Asides and Dog Commentaries….and posting them on this site….at which videos that Youtube will allow the viewing public to watch….and which ones they won’t….for potential copyright infringement….when they let literally millions of like video to be watched….as this video is one that they won’t allow.  The truth be known, out of the roughly 2000 videos that we currently have posted…Youtube has denied this one and 108 others. 

We don’t know the real reasons for why or why not….but we do know that this is one video that is well worth the watch….cuz we all need to laugh just a little more.  

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