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Music – 1979 ACL – Lightning Hopkins – Going to Louisiana & That Woman Can’t Carry No Heavy Load

              The rubber on the wheel is faster than the rubber on the heel.                                                                                                                                           Lightnin Hopkins


Sam John Hopkins (March 15, 1912 – January 30, 1982)….better known as Lightnin’ Hopkins….was an American country blues singer, songwriter, guitarist, and occasional pianist from Houston, Texas.  Rolling Stone magazine included Hopkins at number 71 on their list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.  Musicologist Robert “Mack” McCormick opined that Hopkins “is the embodiment of the jazz-and-poetry spirit, representing its ancient form in the single creator whose words and music are one act”.  

The truth be known….in the summer of 1981…after seeing Lightning Hopkins at Antoine’s Blues Club on 6th Street in Austin, TX….Bone Daddy, The Original Sportsphile, went home to Mama….. made passionate love…and conceived Richard “Lightning”…..who some 22 years later conceived Braiden “Thunder”….and when Asuna “Storm” showed up 2 years later….and the “tormento cycle” was complete….cuz everyone knows…1st comes lightning, then comes thunder, then come the storm….so, Lightning Hopkins was the real sourse of this beautiful symphony…..for this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile just thanks you for providing the thrust for it all….and unlike in the song Hopkins performs herewith….Bone Daddy’s woman could carry that heavy load.   

Long story short…..Bone Daddy’s family owes a lot to the guitar mastery of Lightning Hopkins…..and this video and dog aside is our way of saying thanks….but the fact is, Lightning Hopkins was a one of a kid blues playing guitarist….and this video is a real treasure to Ima Sportsphile.

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