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Music – 1979 – George Benson – Breezin – Put To Highlights Of Yatching At The Pan American Games

“Breezin'” is an instrumental song composed by American singer and musician Bobby Womack….which was originally recorded in December 1970 by the influential Hungarian jazz guitarist Gábor Szabó….while  in partnership with Womack himself…..as the song was originally released in 1971 on the Szabó’s album High Contrast….and was released as a single in April 1971 in the United States and in 1972 in the Netherlands…as the single reached # 43 on the R&B chart the same year.

Five years later after Gábor Szabó’s original recording….the song became even better known for a successful re-recording by singer and guitarist George Benson….whose 1976 cover was the title track of his album Breezin’….as his version was recorded in January 1976….and released as a single in September of the same year….while entering for the American charts. Coincidentally, his cover as well as his complete album Breezin’ were also produced by Tommy LiPuma…..who produced Szabo’s original song. The album and single were released by Warner Bros. Records.

In 1977, Gábor Szabó complained to the audience about George Benson’s success with “Breezin'”, during an engagement at the Catamaran Hotel in San Diego…..as Szabó indicated that he had recorded this song before Benson….and accused Benson of having plagiarized his arrangement. He expressed disdain for Benson’s success with his arrangement that Szabó himself had created…..but regardless of this controversy….the song is the perfect “background music” for the highlights of the sailing competition at the 1979 Pan American Games…..as seen in this video herewith….which makes this a wonderful video to watch….plus, our viewers are also treated to the beautiful sportscaster Jayne Kennedy as host to the video.

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