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Music – 1979 – Impressionist Johnny Dark Does Johnny Mathis + Bobby Vinton + Anthony Dooley Et Al

Johnny Dark is an American comedian and comic actor….who has been active on television since the 1970’s…..with his most recent notoriety coming from his recurring appearances on Late Show with David Letterman….along with appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson….Donny and Marie TV Series….and The Alan Hamel Show…..as he has also done stand-up comedy in Atlantic City….plus, as an actor who appeared in several films. However, Johnny Dark was probably best known for his musical impersonations of notable singers….as seen in this video herewith….when he appears on the 1979 Rich Little television special….where he provides his impressions of singers Johnny Mathis, Bobby Vinton, Anthony Dooleey and Paul Williams….which provides plenty of evidence of his true talent as an impressionist / impersonator…..and is well worth the price of admission to watch.

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