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Music – 1979 – Manhattan Transfer – “Trickle Trickle” – Performed Live In Concert

Like other videos that have crossed my desk to be prepared for posting…..and then, posted on our site here at ImaSportsphile….which often times leave me with the decision to actually put a title with the song that is performed….which I try to ascertain after watching the video more than a few times….thus, convincing me in this particular case that the title of this video song is “Tell Me How Long Will This Rain Last”…..but the truth be known….it is just a W A G (wild ass guess for those less informed)….so, if anyone knows the true title of this song performed live in concert by Manhattan Transfer IN 1979…..please leave us a comment with the name of the song…..and we will make sure to make the change….cuz the truth be known….our site is becoming more of a “video reference library”….so, accuracy becomes paramount around here.

Anyway, this video provides plenty of evidence as to why Manhattan Transfer was such a well-renown jazz and pop musical group during their day….cuz they do a wonderful rendition of “Tell Me How Long Will This Rain Last” as seen herewith.

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