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Music – 1979 – Mel Tillis – My Heart Wont Let My Love For You Change + I Wanna Go Stateside

There comes a time while posting videos here at ImaSportsphile where I run out of reference material from which to write about….especially if the “star of the video” is someone who has a large number of videos posted in the library….and it turns out that singer / songwriter Mel Tillis is one of those folks. 

So, I fall back to Dog Philosophy….of which I have posted more than a few….and here comes another one that we dogs hold near and dear to us….Keep It Simple….dog’s don’t complicate….that is what we have HUMANS for.  When “we dogs” sit around a campfire….in addition to scratchin’….we have a lot of conversation about keeping life simple….cuz the more one complicates….the more problems are created….so, simply put Keep It Simple….and you will have less problems.

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