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Music – 1979 – Paul Anka – Put Your Head On My Shoulder + My Way – With Johnny Dark + Bob Anderson

Johnny Dark is an American comedian and comic actor….who has been active on television since the 1970’s…..and is most recently known for his recurring appearances on Late Show with David LettermanIn addition to his Late Show appearances….as his appearances as a comedian include Late Night with David LettermanThe Tonight Show Starring Johnny CarsonDonny and Marie, and The Alan Hamel Show.  He has also done stand-up comedy in Atlantic City….and, as an actor, appeared in several films…. but is most famous as an impersonator….as seen in this video herewith…..where he impersonates Paul Anka…..while singing “Lay Your Head On My Shoulder”…..on the 1979 Rich Little television special.

Bob Anderson is a legendary celebrity impersonator and singer….whose career was started in 1973…. when approximately eight hours after Bob Anderson walked into the Sahara Hotel in cutoffs and a t-shirt and pretty much broke….as he found himself on stage performing in the main showroom with Nancy Sinatra…..who had gotten into an argument with The Everly Brothers. Later she contacted performers but on the suggestion of entertainment journalist Mark Tan, Anderson got an opportunity to perform with Nancy on stage after his successful audition.

Anderson’s first appearance on national television was alonside Bob Hope and Muhammad Ali on The Merv Griffin Show….where he got a standing ovation…..as Merv Griffin later wrote an act for him….and introduced Anderson to the world in Caesars Palace…..wherein Anderson mastered the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr….and his Frank The Man The Music show was backed by a 32-piece orchestra in which he looks, sounds, and moves like the late musical icon for 90 minutes….which according to BroadwayWorld was voted “Best Live Show”, “Best Headliner” and “Best Live Performance” at the annual Las Vegas Best of the Best Entertainment Awards in 2015.  Anderson spent hours watching videos of Frank and mimicking them and turned to Hollywood makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji…..plus, he focused on legendary Vegas entertainers, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles and Bobby Darin…..as People Magazine has tabbed Anderson as “America’s Greatest Singing Impressionist.”

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