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Music – 1979 – Ray Charles – Deep In The Heart Of Texas – Performed Live On Stage At Austin City Limits

After being born and raised in Texas….that makes us just a “tab bit” more fond of anything and all things doing with The Lone Star State….especially when the iconic song “Deep In The Heart Of Texas” is being performed…..especially when it is performed by the likes and genius of Ray Charles….the undisputed  king of blues, soul, r & b music.  

The 1941 song features lyrics by June Hershey and music by Don Swander…..which provided no fewer than five versions in the Billboard charts in 1942…..as “Deep in the Heart of Texas” spent five weeks at the top of Your Hit Parade in 1942 during its twelve weeks stay….plus, the song’s title was used for the name of a 1942 Western film of the same name starring Johnny Mack Brown….with a story of a man instrumental in restoring Texas to the United States following the American Civil War….which featured Tex Ritter and the Jimmy Wakely Trio singing the title song…..but far more than that, “Deep in the Heart of Texas” speaks to the very soul of all Texans…..probably more than any of the other 1000+ songs about the great State of Texas. 

As seen in this video herewith…..Ray Charles concludes his live 1979 performance on the Austin City Limits stage with his rendition and personal salute to the Lone Star State….which makes this MUST SEE TV for any and all Texans….for this is truly a rare piece of video that is simply a “true diamond” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile.

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