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Music – 1980 – Ray Charles – Piano Instrumental – Featuring Classical + Jazz + Blues + Country

It is really rare to find a piano instrumental played by Ray Charles in any of his concerts or music videos….for Brother Ray was truly a virtuoso of the keyboard….as The Genius could really “tickle the ivories”….as evidenced by the video seen herewith….when Charles was performing on stage at Austin City Limits….with a mixed medley of classical, blues, jazz and country….and that is why we are “tickled pink” to have this lil “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage music here at ImaSportsphile….. cuz Brother Ray was in a class of his own….equally adept at “song and sound”

Ray Charles could play dang near every kind of music possible….and give it his own touch….regardless of the genre….for he was truly special…..and one that the world may never see the likes of again….and for this, we are delighted to bring it to our viewers. 

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