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Music – 1980 – The NBC Classical Chorus – A Ship Set To Sea In The Month Of May

We have an incredible amount of video footage from well over 100 Saturday Night Live episodes from the mid-1970’s to the late 1980’s here at ImaSportsphile in our wonderful video library…..which amounts to about 150 hours of SNL content…..from comedy skits….to musical guest…..to weekend update news…..to Gary Weiss films….to Mr. Bill episodes…..and more….and albeit is difficult to get many of SNL pieces approved for posting by Youtube…..as they actively apply copyright rules to dang near every SNL video that we have to post (some 700 total)…..thus blocking the replay of nearly all of them….however, every now and then one slips by their “guardians of all things copyright” key keepers at Youtube…..and this video seen herewith is one of those…..in which guest host Eric Idle performs in a classical chorus quartet with SNL comedians Laraine Newman, Bill Murray and Jane Curtin….as they sing the all-time favorite classical sailing song “A Ship Set To Sea In The Month of May”…..during this 1980 episode of SNL….for not only is the song humorous….but so are the singers….and it is surprising how good they sound in unison.

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