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Music – 1981 – Red Skelton – The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye – Closing To His Live Concert

Red Skelton is by virtue of the number of folks that have viewed his videos here at ImaSportsphile…the most popular….with millions of views ahead of our 2nd place video with our Muhammad Ail category….out of our entire 5200 posts (currently….cuz we’ve got easily another 5200 still to post) video library….plus there is no question that Red Skelton views come from folks that absolutely love Red Skelton….and when you have viewed our entire collection of Red’s comedic genius….we think you will understand why he is so beloved….which is what makes this video seen herewith so special….which will be evidence of what made Red Skelton so popular…..1st and foremost….he makes people laugh with a delivery that is gentle, respectful and never “in anyone’s face”….and for us who post these videos, it is really refreshing to see folks “belly laugh” at comedy that doesn’t have one “foul mouthed” word in any of Skelton’s content.

Simply put….Red Skelton has played an incredible part in making ImaSportsphile into what it is today…. as it will be tomorrow….and well in the future…and for each and every one of our visitors, we give you Red Skelton singing “The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye….which expresses our thoughts to “all ya’ll”    (that’s plural for ya’ll in Texas).     

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