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Music – 1981 – Willie Nelson – Georgia on My Mind & All of Me & Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain


Since we at ImaSportsphile all grew up in Austin, Tx….we are definitely by-products of the Austin Music Scene….which has evolved in 2017 as a universally recognized Music Capital of the World….and nobody influenced this wonderfully unique city that thrives on live music….where 100s of bands play live dang near every night of the week and year….and no one gave more to build this culture than Willie Nelson….a true favorite son of Austin. 

Bone Daddy always talks about going to hear Willie play at places like The Broken Spoke, Threadgill’s Tavern, Soap Creek Saloon, The Armadillo World Headquarters et al….and he always says that no matter what venue Willie Nelson played….he always gave the music fan who bought a ticket….more music than they paid for….cuz Willie just liked to play music for his friends….and that is why he is still on the road at age 84 in year 2017….performing some 150 live shows last year alone.    

There just aren’t many entertainers in any genre of performing for live audiences….that have given more to their fans who came out to see them play and perform….than Willie Nelson has and still continues to give today. 

In this medley of songs….Willie Nelson and The Family Band perform three of his most famous recorded songs….Georgia On My Mind….All Of Me….and Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain….which we consider as MUST SEE TV….so ENJOY!!!

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