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Music – 1981 – Willie Nelson’ – In My Mothers Eyes


It is really interesting that this video rolled up in the queue to be posted….because whenever I hear this Willie Nelson classic….it makes me think of Granny Jean….cuz the love and respect that you see and feel coming from Willie’s heart is so powerful….which exemplifies how I feel for Granny Jean….who went to Heaven on April 6, 2018…..to be reunited with Pops….the love of her life here on this Earth.  

Granny Jean was Bone Daddy’s mother…..and was my good friend for over a 100 years….and even though I don’t think she cared much for dogs….she never ever let that get in the way of loving me…..as I have fond memories of her bending down and scratching me right under my lil ole chiweenie dog jowls…while saying “L E, you are just the cutest little thing to have such a big attitude. I sure am glad that you love all things Bone Daddy, because otherwise you just might bite me”. 

Granny Jean was a rare lady…..with a combination of elegance and sincere caring like I have never seen before….for she had time for everyone….with an uncanny sensitivity for those folks who might need “shelter from the storm of life”….whom she was just naturally drawn too….for she could pick them out of a crowd and would make a “beeline” to give some time, recognition, kindnesa and a smile chocked full of positive outreach….and if only for a little while….she would lift them up to God’s grace. 

Granny Jean spent 94 years on this Earth simply lifting folks up to her Lord and Savior…..while wrapping each person up in her “arms of love” while giving each person a “warm piece of her heart”….as she set very high standards for her 3 sons to follow….not by telling them how to live….but rather by showing them how to live….so, whenever I hear the words in this wonderful song In My Mother’s Eyes….I am reminded of how powerful the love and expectations of a Mother’s love can actually be. 

Granny Jean raised her 3 boys in their momma’s eyes.

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