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Music – 1982 – Dave Mason – We Just Disagree – Put To Highlights Of MLB Mgrs + Umpires Conversations

There are many sidebars to the game of baseball…..with none quite as notorious as the classic manager vs umpire confrontation…..which is an event that permeates throughout the entire cast of fans at any given game where one of these “We Just Disagree” moments comes into play…..for having been a lifetime baseball fan myself….I can vividly remember Baltimore Orioles Manager Earl Weaver using the bill of his baseball cap as a “point of contact” while disagreeing up close and personal with the home plate umpire….and then there was Yankees Manager Billy Martin kicking dirt on the umpire in another memorable moment of “We Just Disagree”.  

We Just Disagreeis a song recorded by English singer-guitarist Dave Mason….which was written by Jim Krueger….and released in August 1977….as the second single from the album Let It Flow….when the ballad featured Krueger’s 12-string guitar prominently…..as the author also sang the harmony above Mason’s lead vocal…..when it reached # 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977…..and was used perfectly as the background music to this 1982 video of the unique We Just Disagree” between MLB umpires and managers….for this is a “rare diamond” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile.

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