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Music – 1982 – The Stripper – Put To Credits Of The HBO Special By The Same Name

The Stripper is an instrumental composed by David Rose….and recorded in 1958….then was released four years later…..with music that evinces a jazz influence….with especially prominent trombone slides ….. and evokes the feel of music used to accompany striptease artists…..which reached # 1 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart in July, 1962…as It became a gold record…..which Billboard ranked as the # 5 song of 1962.

The tune came to prominence by chance.…when Rose had recorded “Ebb Tide” as the A-side of a record his record company, MGM Records, wanted to get it on the market quickly….but discovered there was no B-side available for it…..and that is when an MGM office boy was given the job of going through some of Rose’s tapes of unreleased material to find something that would work….and he liked “The Stripper” and chose it as the flip side for the record.  The original rendition of the song was used as background music in the credits for the 1982 HBO Special “STRIPPERS”….as seen in this video herewith.

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