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Music – 1983 – DeBarge – Learn The Ways of Love & High Society – Open To Love + Need You Tonight


DeBarge was an American musical recording group composed of several members of the DeBarge family….which was a family of musical talent that was often compared to the Jackson family. In addition to various solo projects completed by members of the family….DeBarge was active between 1979 to 1989 as an R&B group…who enjoyed popularity throughout that time with a popular musical sound that has been compared to a mix pop-oriented whose repertoire included R&B, soul, funk, and pop music. Active throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, the group comprised members of the DeBarge family….including Mark, Randy, and El….as Bunny, James, and Bobby joined later.      

DeBarge released six studio albums with four of them with Motown’s Gordy Records: The DeBarges (1981), All This Love (1982), In a Special Way (1983), and Rhythm of the Night (1985)….with the latter which became the group’s best-selling album and garnered the single “Rhythm of the Night”….which neared the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

DeBarge entered its decline in 1986….when Bunny and El were offered solo deals with Motown and departed the group….as DeBarge was dropped from Motown soon afterward. The remaining members signed with independent label Stripe Horse Records in 1987…and released their final studio album, Bad Boys….as the group continued to perform for an additional two years….when Chico DeBarge joined the group in 1988. Two members of the group, brothers Bobby and Chico were arrested for drug trafficking in 1989…so, legal issues compounded with the ever changing musical tastes of the public led to the group’s final days 10 years after its inception in 1989. 

On this night in 1983….DeBarge was center stage for MoTown’s 25th Anniversary show…. as their stars of MoTown were shining on the night….and DeBarge and High Society were certainly no exceptions. 

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