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Music – 1983 – Michael Murphy & The Great American Honky Tonk Band – Once Youre A Drifter

After having posted more than a couple of Michael Martin Murphey videos here at ImaSportsphile….it comes to no surprise to me that I really like this man’s music…..since Murphey spent time in West Texas….and Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile, was raised in God’s Country….there is already a kindred spirit going on….and I remember BD talking about “the drifters of West Texas”….which is what the song seen being sung in this video herewith…..is all about “drifters”….and the truth be known….this is one of my favorite pieces of Michael Murphey wonderful repertoire…..cuz it has a way of touching so very many men…..who had watched their “mammas” in the rear view mirror…..on your way out of town. 

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