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Music – 1984 – Romania National Anthem – Olympic Track Womens 3000m Gold Medal Of Maricica Puica

Maricica Pui is a retired Romanian middle-distance runner…..who is the 1984 Olympic champion in the 3000 meter race…..and one of the greatest female middle-distance runners of the 1980’s……as she was also a two time winner of the World Cross Country Championship in 1982 and 1984….while breaking the world record for the mile in 1982….and seen in this video herewith being presented the gold medal for the women’s 3000m track race at the Los Angeles Olympic Games….as the National Anthem of Romania is performed by the All American Olympic Band.

Deșteaptă-te, române! (“Awaken, Romanian!” or “Wake up, the Romanians!”) is the national anthem of Romania…..as the music and lyrics were composed by Andrei Mureșanu….when it was written and published during the 1848 revolution….and initially with the name “Un răsunet” (“An echo”). It was first sung in late June in the same year in the city of Brașov, on the streets of Șchei quarter…..and was immediately accepted as the revolutionary anthem and renamed “Deșteaptă-te, române!”

Since then, this song, which contains a message of liberty and patriotism, has been sung during all major Romanian conflicts, including during the 1989 anti-communist revolution. After that revolution, it became the national anthem….while replacing the communist-era national anthem “Trei culori” (“Three colors”).

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