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Music – 1985 4th Of July Celebration – Hosts President & Mrs Ronald Reagan


The country and its people were experiencing a time of prosperity and abundance…..which after having 4+ years of “reaganomics” (referring to US President Ronald Reagan economic policy) in play in the United States of America….as the economic times seemed to experience a great need to “show-off our successes” by providing the world with a grand 4th of July (US Independence Day) cellebration in the beauty of New York harbor in NYC….putting an incredible spotlight emphasis on Lady Liberty…..the Statue of Liberty…..and how she had welcomed people from all over the world with open arms…..with the silouetted skyline of New York City as a backdrop…..while listening to Conductor John Williams lead the New York Symphany in music that saluted America…..with guest entertainment like John Denver and Melissa Manchester…but from this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion…the best part of the whole event was the speech given by President Reagan….with his “forever” devoted Nancy….standing at his side….which makes this video and this event…..with all of its USA patriotism…..well worth watching.

OOOHHH…did I mention the fireworks display…..ABSOLUTELY AWESOME….with the New York City skyline in the backdrop….and this might have been the best fireworks display ever!!!!

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