Music – 1985 July 4th Celebration In New York Harbor – John Williams Conductor


The year 1985 was a very good year in American history….for it was in the middle of Ronald Reagan’s presidency….and the good ole USA was back to a “churning economy” that had American spirits and patriotism running on high….evidenced by this video of the Lady Liberty Weekend Celebration in New York Harbor….where the Lady resides.

Conductor John Williams led the New York Symphony in a rousing program that featured such well known entertaininers as singer/ song writer John Denver and  singer Melissa Manchester…..and then….the concert morphs into an absolutely incredible fireworks display with New York City and the New York Harbor as the backdrop….producing one of the best American patriotic concert  that has ever been…..for our Lady who welcomes all who come to America with grand splendor on this evening.

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