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Music – 1985 – Marine Corp Band – Star Spangled Banner – Performed At D Day Dynamite Boxing Event

military band is a group of personnel that performs musical duties for military functions….which is usually for the armed forces.  A typical military band consists mostly of wind and percussion instruments. The conductor of a band commonly bears the title of Bandmaster or Director of Music. Ottoman military bands are thought to be the oldest variety of military marching bands in the world….which dates back to the 13th century.

The military band is capable of playing ceremonial and marching music….including the national anthems and patriotic….as seen performed in the video herewith at the 1986 Don King boxing production in Las Vegas….where The Marine Corp Band presented the colors in the ring before the fight….and played The Star Spangled Banner….in what was a very rousing performance of The National Anthem.

There are two types of historical traditions in military bands…..with the first being military field music…as this type of music includes bugles or other natural instruments such as natural trumpets or natural horns, bagpipes, or fifes and almost always drums…..for this type of music was used to control troops on the battlefield….as well as for entertainment. Following the development of instruments such as the keyed trumpet or the saxophone family of brass instruments….which created a second tradition as the brass and woodwind military band was formed. 

This particular rendition of The Star Spangled Banner is truly one of our very favorites here at ImaSportsphile….for it gives tribute to the “men of the greatest generation” who sacrificed so much for freedom around the world…as any and all lovers of our National Anthem will love this performance of the Star Spangled Banner ….as it causes the patriotism in any red-blooded American to come gushing forward like removing the top on a fine bottle of champagne….cuz the Marines have landed.


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