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Music – 1986 – Fort Knox US Army Band – Star Spangled Banner At The Kentucky Derby


One of the many joys of being able to trim videos from our incredible vintage video library here at ImaSportsphile is comprised in a new section of music that we are beginning to post….and that is of the many varied and wonderful renditions of The Star Spangled Banner….as performed by the many varied groups and artist at the start of the many varied sporting events….so, we thought we would start out with this performance of the National Anthem by the Fort Knox US Army Band at the start of the 1985 Kentucky Derby….cuz we at ImaSportsphile are proud to be American. 

For the 1st time in the history of the United States of America….as the calendar rolls into 2018….our National Anthem is openly coming under attack….for back in the day that this video was recorded….you were personally taking your life at risk if you attacked the American flag or denigrated the National Anthem….as all types of entertainers considered it an honor to sing our National Anthem at the start of EVERY sporting event on American soil….and we are going to show you many of those folks…for we have many of them in our library… from Meryl Streeo to Jose Feliziano to Ray Charles to Carl Lewis….and there wasn’t a one of them that wasn’t proud to sing that Anthem. 

This brings up the subject of change….which is the ONLY constant in life for all beings….therefore, there are good changes….like folks living longer and healthier….which means there are bad changes….like open disrespect for the National Anthem….under the disguise of “political correctness”

We at ImaSportsphile are proud to kick off our new  National Anthem category section from our vintage video library….which will ultimately feature literally thousands of recorded broadcasts of the National Anthem of the United State of America found on the thousands of events our library covers…cuz here in the good ole USA….we start every event off with our National Anthem….cuz ImaSportsphile would NEVER have happened if it weren’t for this music that the Ft. Knox Army Band performs….as Bone Daddy says he performed “parade march” to the Fr. Knox Army Band while he was attending “Motor-pool Officer Training School”. 

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