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Music – 1986 – John Williams & The Boston Pops – USA Composers Salute – Foster + Kern + Berlin + Ellington + Rodgers + Hammerstein

Every so often, we get a video that is so good that we just have to watch it….and this one is definitely one of those….cuz the truth be known, we watched it twice…..but first of all you have to understand we at ImaSportsphile are “red-blooded Americans”….who just love our country….for there is no place else on this Earth where a Sportsphile like Bone Daddy could have ever come up with the idea of ImaSportsphile ….plus, we grew up with the music of Stephen Foster, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington and Rodgers & Hammerstein…..heck, Bone Daddy, who plays the piano by ear, tells us he has spent hours  “tickling the ivories” to each and every one of these composers….as we tend to think that is why he is such a “tranquil cat”

Anyway, when you have John Williams and The Boston Pops Orchestra paying tribute to the great American composer in you video library…..then you truly have another “nugget of gold” in your treasure chest of vintage memories.

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