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Music – 1986 – Mad Dog And Englishmen Go Out In The Midday Sun – Put To Highlights Of 1986 Wimbledon

We have a great number of videos here at ImaSportsphile where music and sports are put together….and almost every one of them have no need for commentary….cuz the music says it all….as evidenced by this “rare gem” of a video seen herewith….for “Mad Dog And Englishmen Go Out In The Midday Sun”….and if you have never thought about that…..then you will after watching this musical clip. 

The English have a unique taste in music and an equally unique sense of humor…..and this “lil diddy”  about mad dog and englishmen is definitely unique….and yet it is rather funny and whimsical….in a British sort of way you know….and any way you cut the pie….this video is rare indeed….as we doubt the song has ever been posted on the internet….which means it is well worth the price of admission.

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