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Music – 1986 – Texas A & M Marching Corp Band – Halftime 50th Cotton Bowl Classic


There is not a better precision military marching band anywhere in the world that even comes close to comparing with The Fightin’ Aggie Band….as the members the Army Corp Band at Texas A & M University perform sophisticated military march steps, turns and formations while playing rousing music marches every weekend at Aggie football games during football season.   

Folks, this band is worth the price of the football ticket to see them perform….and we are fortunate to have this video as evidence to our opinion….cuz this opinion comes from a lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile whose blood runs “Burnt Orange”….but the truth be known….we miss Thanksgiving with the Horns vs. Aggies…..and the Showband of the Southwest…..and The Fightin’ Aggie Band.

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