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MLB & Music – Patriotic – National League Championship Series – 1986 – Unknown US Naval Officer Sings “Star Spangled Banner” @ NLCS Mets Vs Astros Game 2

We are really proud of our “Star Spangled Banner” video collection here at ImaSportsphile….cuz only in America could this webpage have happened…..as there is literally no other country in the entire world that could even think about supplying the amount of sports content to video than what is available in the good ole USofA….and that is first and foremost in the entire equation….yet it doesn’t even begin to cover the spectrum of choices of content to video tape….and that is why when you consider that we are in the process of posting a sum total of 10,000 videos at this site….and we’re halfway there….so, simply put…. USA….USA….USA….USA….USA….for we are truly blessed to have this collection of renditions of our most precious songs….our National Anthem….The Star Spangled Banner

As seen in this video herewith…..an unknown US Naval Officer sings the “Star Spangled Banner” at Game 2 of the MLB National League Championship series between the N Y Mets vs. Houston Astros….and this much we do know about the Naval Officer is that he is a proud American….like us……and this fact is evidenced by his beautiful heartfelt renditions of the “Star Spangled Banner”. 

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