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Horse Racing & Music – 1986 Kentucky Derby – US Fort Knox Army Band – Star Spangled Banner – Performed At 112th Kentucky Derby

While our Bone Daddy was at the University of Texas from 1965 – 1970…..he was a member of The ROTC Brigade….which was reserve officer training for the US Army…..whereby he would become an “officer and a gentleman” in the US Army….and because he graduated as the Viet Nam War was winding down….not over….but winding down….so, he was faced with Active Duty upon his graduation from The University …. and when Bone Daddy finished UT and graduated in May of 1970….he soon thereafter received orders to report to the Motor Officer Scholl at Ft . Knox, KY…..where as a Company Commander, he marched along side his Company during the graduation ceremony…..while in step to the music as played by The Fort Knox Army Band….which is seen in this video herewith playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the start of the 112th running of the Kentucky Derby in 1986….so, anyway you cut the pie…..this video resonates near and dear to our Bone Daddy anytime he watches it…..with wonderful memories of guys like Ray Rzonka, who was a Polish guy from Lexington, Ky….where BD and Ray would go when they got weekend passes….to eat some great Polish cuisine and dance the polka with some “big ole Polish girls” at the dance hall on Saturday nights….as this story proves that you just never know where a “slew of memories” will come gushing from.

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